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Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS)

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Immediate response capability to provide a separate, resilient, and scalable module for testing and screening workers for COVID-19.

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RaMHs Benefits

CPG Approved

With a recent escalation in positive test rates, CPG companies are looking for solutions. A tractor-trailer can drop off outside a plant to provide space to  complete the screening process and also meet virtually with your company’s telehealth caregiver.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Modular Health Systems are scalable, intermodal containers transformed into comfortable, plug-and-play sites for coronavirus screening, pharmaceutical delivery and other diagnostic purposes.

Resilient and Reliable

Each unit can be powered by direct grid connection or generators to ensure 24/7 functionality.

Proven Partners

B&V delivers 1000's of projects for essential utilities as well as Federal, state and local government clients each year. From power, water and communications infrastructure, to the most complex mission critical projects, we deliver what you need. 

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